2015 Super Bowl odds: Why New England Patriots will win, cover – NFL

The Patriots looked like an average team following a 2-2 start and then went on a season-high seven-game winning streak — going 6-1 against the spread — helping to make them the betting favorites to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Coaching has a lot to do with the winning culture created in Foxboro, and that’s largely a credit to Belichick since he arrived in 2000.

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. Even though the Patriots have lost in each of their last two appearances to the New York Giants, two-time Super Bowl MVP Brady has done his best to try to help them succeed. The Patriots put together arguably their best group of pass catchers for Brady this season, featuring a healthy Gronkowski to go along with wide receivers Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell and Danny Amendola.

No team in the NFL is better at not only overcoming adversity, but also using it to their advantage, than the New England Patriots. In their last Super Bowl three years ago, New England tight end Rob Gronkowski was suffering from a high ankle sprain and was severely limited, serving mostly as a decoy and finishing with just two catches for 26 yards. The AFC champions seem to thrive on controversy and make the most of it, which might be one of the main reasons bettors are backing them as favorites to win Super Bowl XLIX over the defending champion Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

While this team has struggled to score touchdowns at times, most notably in the past two Super Bowls against the Giants, the defense might be the difference against Seattle. There’s no doubt the Seahawks are offensively challenged, and holding running back Marshawn Lynch in check in Super Bowl XLIX could be the key to the Patriots outscoring them and covering the spread in the process.

Deflategate aside, New England quite simply has one of the best head coaches in NFL history in Bill Belichick, who has repeatedly helped his players ignore the noise and focus solely on winning football games.

New England also has a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Tom Brady, who, along with Belichick, will be appearing in the Super Bowl for the sixth time in 14 years. New England has allowed more than 17 points only once in its last six games overall, and that came in a 35-31 victory against the Baltimore Ravens in this year’s divisional round of the AFC playoffs

Ben Affleck banned from blackjack at Vegas hotel for card counting, source says

The high-rollers tables where Affleck was playing blackjack was reportedly infiltrated by security after he was caught “counting cards” – a gambling strategy  that often refers to obtaining a sufficient count on the number, distribution and high-card location of cards in order to optimize the winning of tricks. They told him he could play other games and ended up getting him and Jennifer a car back to their hotel.”

While on a “romantic getaway” with his wife Jennifer Garner just prior to starting production in the highly-anticipated “Batman vs. The site also reported that a week earlier, an internal email from the Games Protection Manager at the Wynn and Encore casinos alerted others in the industry that Affleck was being “way to obvious” moving his money with the count, spreading up to $100K on the double decks.

Affleck was subsequently banned for life from playing blackjack at the venue.

Ben Affleck has been busted card counting in Vegas.

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“Ben was banned from playing blackjack not booted from the casino because as the security said ‘you are too good at the game,” a source told FOX411. 26, 2014: Actor, writer and director Ben Affleck testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington. According to Radar Online, an all-points bulletin has been issued to Las Vegas’ most prominent casinos in the region accusing the passionate gambler of using “perfect basic,” a common introductory term for card counting. “The hotel staff was really nice. (Reuters). It’s not technically illegal, but heavily frowned upon by casinos.

But the issue could spread beyond the Vegas-located Hard Rock. Superman” blockbuster, a source close to the A-list actor confirmed that he was asked to leave the famed Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

“Mr. Affleck, a valued guest of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, is not banned from our property and is welcome back any time,” a representative for the Hard Rock said in a statement Friday.



Football Betting To Win by Woz Salmon

Both the acceptance of the need for a worthwhile Betting Strategy and the will to apply it properly must emanate from within you. Note that not all gambles are bets. To be able to bet requires two parties: the party placing the bet and the party accepting the bet. A bet is a gamble based on the possibility of a particular event occurring or having occurred. You can’t buy a good Betting Strategy, although it may well be true that the individual components themselves can be purchased. This is because the phrase “to take a gamble” generally means to risk something valuable in order to gain something of even greater value, and where the outcome is uncertain to some degree or other. Consequently, at the end of each season, the majority of football bettors are poorer than when they started. The main point here is that a bet is just one particular form of gambling, and it?s only the degree of risk that varies from one gamble to another.. As playing roulette will show you (because inherently it doesn?t allow the possibility of a Selection System to operate, since any given number or colour can come up at any time), very few Staking Plans on their own will consistently allow you to increase the amount you started with (meaning that you are simply in the hands of Lady Luck on the night).

To achieve even a modest return on your bets, you need to develop a worthwhile Betting Strategy for yourself.

So that you can emerge as a winner, I strongly recommend that you should approach football betting just as seriously as you would when investing in shares or a house purchase. Let?s face it though – that scenario will never arise in your entire lifetime!

Now, before we discuss ?betting to win? in more detail, let?s begin by examining what a ?bet? actually is. A gamble need not involve another party, but a bet most certainly does.

When it comes to gambling on the outcome of sporting events, every well-balanced person will readily acknowledge that it is not worth risking all their funds on one single bet, as they could very easily end up with no funds at all. This means that if location fails on any single point, you have not found a “star” property. This principle applies whether or not the odds are in the bettor’s favour.

All too often, bets are placed on “gut feel”, and frequently for wildly varying stakes (as opposed to “fixed” (or ?level?) stakes, without proper assessment of the chances of winning, or without adequate consideration as to how a loss will affect the bettor’s bank. There is a very similar rule applicable to betting: before you gamble, the three most important considerations should be Selection, Selection and Selection!

For example, you gamble not-so-obviously (and do not bet) whenever you lay out money in the simple hope of retaining your wealth (such as buying a house or putting your savings into a higher paying deposit account) and rather more obviously when you attempt to increase your wealth by investing in shares (again not a bet) or by participating in sports betting. In view of this, I am now going to make what I consider to be the single most important statement in respect to “Betting to Win”:

Each type of gamble has its own unwritten rules attached, all of which need to be both understood and followed if the specific gambling objective is to be achieved. In respect to the latter, remember that the three prime considerations to ensure a first-class investment are Location, Location and Location. As you can see, therefore, all the foregoing are forms of gambling, no matter that some people may attempt to draw dividing lines between them to make their preferred form of gambling more socially acceptable.

It seems that a majority of bettors would be happy to achieve a small overall return on their bets by the end of a sporting season, generally because the alternative is to sail too close to the wind too often and be in constant danger of losing their entire bank. Once you have acknowledged that satisfying such a need is vital to your betting success, you then have to work hard at (i) finding a good Selection System and (ii) deciding upon an appropriate Staking Plan that best suits your particular style and budget (and which won’t bankrupt you – because many have the potential to do so).

The only way to guarantee a sure-fire win for yourself when gambling is if you could place a bet on a 100% certainty carrying a 100% commitment of being paid when you win. The sad truth, though, is that most bettors fail to achieve even that modest aim, mainly because their betting is not based on sound principles.

A worthwhile Betting Strategy incorporates both a reliable Selection System and a sound Staking Plan

Product Reviews :: Panasonic DMP-BDT210 Review

The new HDMI Jitter Purifier improves sound quality, delivering pure and robust bass sound reproduction

The Panasonic DMP-BDT210 presents the latest functions in a very neat and compact package deal that’s also price range pleasant.

The Panasonic DMP-BDT210 delivers a slim and mild weight design and style that may be only 1.fiveâEUR³ thick. Surely this Blu-ray participant is bound to obtain a thumbs up from eco-friendly consumers. As pointed out previously, the Skype operate continues to be integrated about the remote handle of this Blu-ray participant. For example, you can simply insert an SD card in the Blu-ray Disc player to transfer an image to work with as your screensaver or wallpaper. Vertical shade reference procedure was increased by one.five moments to portray finer specifics and thorough elements in movie scenes with the Adaptive Chroma Processing. The enhanced image quality is in fact aided with all the new UniPhier chip. Coupled which has a simplified packaging, it uses as significantly as 50% significantly less fabric as compared on the 2010 models hence cutting down CO2 emissions. Its updated layout features user-friendliness which incorporates straightforward icons and textual content indications. Other characteristics of Skype contain Standby Mode, Vehicle Answering Movie Message, which enables consumers to make a customized communication when apart, and Movie Words Mail Documenting which automatically records messages still left onto an SD credit card.

The DMP-BDT210 is also DLNA-certified, permitting you to access written content out of your pc or other DLNA compatible equipment. Whilst the jury remains to be out on whether or not 3D is the solution to go, we are seeing a plethora of TVs and blu-ray gamers which might be all geared towards the 3D explosion. By downloading an app from iTunes store you are able to also access and control DLNA content working with your iPad, Apple iphone or any Apple units.

2010 noticed the introduction of 3D video clip playback inside the house. Its normal depth notion enables the BDT210 to regulate the diploma of 3D depth with your preferred level. This new chipset also minimizes ability usage.. Characteristics for instance the Contact-Free of charge Sensor, Dwelling Monitor Wallpaper and Skype permit you to effortlessly personalize your enjoyment expertise to go well with your lifestyle and recognize the rewards of Skype from any HDTV. Integrated in VIERA CAST’s 2011 roster are this sort of apps as Napster, CinemaNow, and entry to common sports web-sites which includes the NHL, NBA, MLB and MLS. The new Panasonic DMP-BDT210 retails for not as much than $200 and you also get a complete blown 3D blu-ray player with seamless networking selections plus numerous original and cutting edge capabilities from Panasonic’s design and style crew.

Sound quality can also be another hallmark of Panasonic’s design philosophy. With mass marketplace acceptance selling prices are dropping very. Also, the DMP-BDT210 energy-keeping design lowers your utility charges which has a 48% power reduction. The HDMI Pure Audio improves the audio top quality permitting natural bass sound reproduction with marginal noise.

On high of merely staying a regular blu-ray participant, the DMP-BDT210 encompasses a number of capabilities that will delight customers. Wi-Fi is designed-in so you can simply access VIERA CAST’s common sites, which includes Netflixâ,,¢, Amazon VODâ,,¢, You Tubeâ,,¢, Pandora, twitter, Bloomberg News, a weather channel and Skype. With 2D-to-3D up-conversion it could possibly convert 2D photographs from DVDs and Blu-rays into 3D

How To Enjoy A Mecca Casino

Most people like to play a bingo game because it is slow paced and someone wins each time the game is played. There are many games that you can play when you go online to a Mecca casino that will thrill you, such as bingo and slots. You just have to log on and then get started playing all of the games that you would normally enjoy off line.

By: adair sawyer

One of the best ways to have fun on your computer is to play games. Many people enjoy the gambling games that are at casinos today. You can find a Meccacasino that offers you all of the games that you want to play and allows you to play them right from the security of your own home.

While you may enjoy going to a casino, you do have to make the trip to the casino from your home. There are easy games as well as those that can be more challenging and require some gambling knowledge when you go to a Mecca casino.

Take a look at the games that are offered at the Mecca casino so that you can see if there is anything there that interests you. The only difference is that the Mecca casino is right in your own home, based right on your computer. This may not be convenient for you all of the time as you have to normally travel, sometimes a great distance, when you are going out to enjoy yourself at a casino off line. These range from slots to bingo.

You do not have to go to Mecca in order to enjoy a Mecca casino. If you are interested in playing any of the games, it is easy for you to start to play right on your own computer. In some cases, you may be able to get some free games that you can play when you are online. This way, you do not have to travel or even go out of your house to enjoy the casino games that you like to play. Slots such as the fruit machines are also available when you go to a Meccacasino and are also easy to play. In order to find the best Meccacasino for you, go to Mecca Casinos.. These will work well to get you used to playing the games that are offered at the Meccacasino so that you may, in time, decide to wager on these games.

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If you enjoy gambling games, you can play them when you go to a Mecca casino . When it comes to games like slots as well as bingo, there is no better place to play than right online in your own home at a Meccacasino where you get basically the same action you get off line only without the travel and the hassle. These can be relaxing and when you are playing gambling games, can end up netting you some winnings. You need to check out the rules of the Mecca casino before you are playing to understand if you have to put forth money to win money. When you play at a Meccacasino, however, you can enjoy many of the same games that you would play at an off line casino. The games that are available at the Meccacasino vary

Online Gambling Rolls the Dice in New Jersey Today

The Division of Gaming Enforcement also said it did not have numbers available to release.

The law allowing online gambling was signed by New Jersey Gov. The company is based in the United Kingdom and runs online gaming sites around the world.

Now, users can log on from anywhere within the borders of New Jersey and wager money on games like online poker, blackjack, and slot machines.

“There’s a lot of stiff competition and brands out there competing for the same players, so we’re going to give compelling reasons to come back,” Carter said.

David Rebuck, director of New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement, oversaw the development of the online system and said today that it rolled out so well because it was a privatized system in which companies compete against one another to have the best operational sites.. The websites are all run by online gaming companies that have operated sites inside and outside the U.S. It is the private sector competing against one another, so there’s innovation and challenges to be best platform to attract customers to be successful commercially.”

The websites “soft-launched” last week and began testing their software, including geolocation technology that prevents residents from other states from accessing the websites. Now, they legally operate in New Jersey and are tied to one of six brick-and-mortar casinos, forming online-offline partnerships that many hope will be a boon to the ailing casino industry in the state.

“The focus has been on the rebirth of Atlantic City,” Rebuck said. Chris Christie in February as a possible boon to Atlantic City, which has seen declining revenue in recent years as neighboring states legalized casinos.

“This is an area that is private sector run,” Rebuck said, making a veiled comparison to the rocky rollout of the Obamacare website last month. “The thinking is that new revenue streams that could come about through more attractive play by casinos and the internet could generate that much more revenue,” for the casinos and New Jersey.

New Jersey residents can now bet the house from the comfort of their own house.

Online gambling officially launched in the state today, making it the third state, and the most dense, to have casinos and online gambling operations legally operating in the United States. Many of the companies reported initial issues with the geolocation but said it was working better this week.

“Today is the first full day of live internet gaming that’s open to the entire state, and we’ve started to see significant traffic increases,” said Rebuck.

“There have been challenges around geolocation for all operators, but we had our guys on the ground in Jersey City and they’ve been to 150 locations to see whether they could or couldn’t get on, and the results are great, above what we expected them to deliver,” said Ben Carter, digital director of the online site BetFairCasino.com, which is partnered with Trump Plaza Casino. The rollout of 13 websites that allow users to gamble online was pretty seamless, according to operators and the state.

Rebuck said the DGE had developed exacting minimum standards for the websites, including those that prevent underage individuals from gambling, identity fraud measures, and geolocation rules.

Betfair and other website operators contacted by ABC News declined to provide numbers of how many users signed up today. “It is not a government website and look, capitalism is a wonderful thing and it worked. in the past

Breaking Down The Top 3 Picks

Knicks draft Jahlil Okafor – C, Duke

With both Thaddeus Young and Anthony Bennett being 6’8?, the Timberwolves are desperate for help at power forward. Needless to say, he would fit perfectly in an athletic lineup with Wiggins, LaVine and Rubio. Mandatory Credit: Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

At 6’11″, Turner gets compared to LaMarcus Aldridge — a long limbed, jump shooting power forward with a strong face-up game, including step-backs and fade-aways. That’s a scenario that is unlikely to change since they lack talent outside of Carmelo Anthony, plus the rumor floating he may need knee surgery and could miss a significant amount of games.

NBA Mock Draft

Jan 11, 2015; Raleigh, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils center Jahlil Okafor (15) drives to the basket as North Carolina State Wolfpack forward Abu Abdul-Malik (0) defends during the second half at PNC Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

. Okafor, Carmelo, nearly $30 million in cap space, the lure of Phil Jackson and the bright lights of New York would be sure to entice free agents this offseason.

Below is a projection of the top three picks in this year’s draft. He’s also scored over 20 points seven times this season and is shooting 66 percent from the field.

2. 76ers draft Justise Winslow – SF, Duke

K.J. Due to key players missing games and their inexperience, they have fallen to 6-31.

Winslow’s profile fits just what the 76ers need: a 6’6? wing capable of getting to the rim, shooting the three and playing defense at a high level. Timberwolves draft Myles Turner – PF, Texas

With Melo being the only major component to the franchise going forward, it is imperative the Knicks draft a player with little to no bust potential, one who is NBA-ready from the start. The way he uses his body to draw fouls and the fact that he’s a lefty has prognosticators labeling him a poor man’s James Harden (offensively).

NBA Mock Draft

Dec 23, 2014; Austin, TX, USA; Texas Longhorns forward Myles Turner (52) grabs a rebound against the Stanford Cardinal during the second half at the Frank Erwin Special Events Center. Defensively, he’s recorded five games with five or more blocks. North Carolina State won 87-75. How about a jump shooting power forward capable of excelling in the pick-and-pop along with the pick and roll? Check. What about a strong, athletic, two-way wing who can defend and shoot the three?

3. Mandatory Credit: Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Need a polished, offensive, back-to-the-basket center? Check. They drafted the Bounce Brothers last year (Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine) so now it is time to turn their attention to the frontcourt.

If the lottery draw was today, the New York Knicks, losers of 16 straight with a 5-36 record, would have the best shot at winning the No. 1 pick. Right now, it’s not a far cry to say Winslow could start over them and he still has the potential to grow into an elite offensive weapon. Stanford beat Texas 74-71. He’s listed at 6’11″ nearing 270 pounds and as a teenager, he’s already a polished center who can score with his back to the basket consistently and is not a one-trick pony.

Much like Big Al, Okafor is patient when he catches the ball on the block with a saavy, old man post game. Okafor fits the bill. McDaniels and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute are the Sixers’ starting wing players. (Be sure to check our complete draft coverage here.)

Though the 2014 NBA Draft class was considered to be the best one since 2003 (LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade), the 2015 class is shaping out to be very impressive in its own right.

NBA Mock Draft

Dec 29, 2014; Durham, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Justise Winslow (12) looks for an opening against Toledo Rockets guard Jordan Lauf (25) in their game at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have struggled with injuries this season with Ricky Rubio (ankle) only playing in five games and Nikola Pekovic playing in nine. Going forward, the foundation of the franchise would be Winslow, MCW and Joel Embiid, who hopes to return fully healthy next season.

1. Turner’s finesse game is also the ideal complement up front alongside the physicality of Nikola Pekovic.

The team with the third worst record, the Philadelphia 76ers, have last year’s Rookie of the Year (Michael Carter-Williams) surrounded by a bunch of D-League level type of players.

Okafor draws favorable comparisons to Charlotte Hornets center Al Jefferson with good reason. He’s extremely comfortable reading how an opponent is defending him, all while not making pre-determined post moves (ala Dwight Howard). He’s got an NBA body right now and with his physical style of play, he should be able to transition his game to the next level fairly easily